Friday, September 21, 2007

Opening JBoss AS HTTP Traffic Up To More Than Localhost

JBoss by default binds only to  So to open it up, use:

run -b <your machine's IP address>

To really do it right: Secure JBoss wiki page

Blather: I went to show off my latest Seam, Ajax4jsf, Richfaces suggestionBox/autocomplete widget to a coworker on JBoss AS 4.2 and had problem when I tried run against anything but localhost. Even on my own machine, but using my full hostname, the browser behaved strangely, not even giving a decent status code or anything. I used the Firefox Tamper plugin (Tamper + Firebug + Web Tools = web developer nirvana [okay, I stole this tagline from somewhere else in my web travels]) to see that the request status was "pending". Perhaps that is how JBoss goes stealth against port sniffing. Anyway, I figured it was just a security setting based on the principal of requiring developers to have to conscientiously open up security. But after reading the fine manual, I still didn't find it. Turns out this is a very popular question in the forums though. And, it was actually in the readme.html (sadly I missed it there) under "Configuration Issues" for 4.2.0 GA (however, I stopped reading at 4.2.1 GA--seems it should be under 4.2.1 since it still affects it).

For those googling:
Unable to connect connection
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

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